Intralot supports the Arsakeio Scholarship Programme

Intralot, drawing from its corporate strategy of sustainable leadership of the gaming sector, always supports high standard initiatives aiming to generate economic resources for good causes, and enhance the development of education and human capital.

Within this context, Intralot proudly supports a music performance initiative of Arsakeio Tositsia School of Athens, 9-10 February, whose aim is to fund its Scholarship Programme for underprivileged students. A chorus of 65 students will sing at the performance, which is based on the French movie “LesChoristes” known for its educational messages and marvelous music. It reveals the prejudice and social exclusion that underprivileged or “different” students face and unveils the power of music as an educational means.

This is the story of a middle-aged music teacher, appointed as a supervisor on a school for troubled children. This new supervisor, gradually manages to reverse the situation, treating the children with love and justice.

All these essential educational and social messages are lined with the wonderful music of the performance.

The play will be presented in the 9th & 10th of February in the central stage of Onassis Cultural Centre.

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