Intralot Sponsor of the “Entrepreneurship and Career Development” Forum

Mr. Antonios Kerastaris, Group CEO - Intralot, discusses about entrepreneurship and career opportunities for young people during crisis.

Intralot was a proud Sponsor of the “Entrepreneurship and Career Development” Forum organized by Professor Iordanis Ladopoulos, and his team, on 20-22 March at Megaron Athens International Conference Centre. Panorama is the biggest event for entrepreneurship and career and was organized for the 5th consecutive year with the attendance of about 4,000 young people.

Mr. Antonis Markopoulos, Managing Director Oceania Intralot, discusses with young participants of the Conference.

The three-day multi-conference was addressed to young people, 18-35 years, regardless of educational background, in order to inform them on trends and opportunities offered in fifteen sectors of the economy (Shipping, Tourism, Agriculture, Design, Information Technology, Logistics, Nanotechnology, Food, Social Media, Advertising/Communication, Mobile Services, Insurance, Export, Pharmaceutical).

As part of the “Panorama” 33 panels took place with the participation of 160 distinguished speakers. Intralot Group CEO, Antonios Kerastaris, participated at the closing panel of the Forum on March 22 giving his insight on entrepreneurship and career opportunities for young people.

During the 3-day “Panorama” participants could exclusively register to the successful institution “Business Days”, 23 study visits which will take place in multinational companies between April 20 and June 5, 2015. Last year’s Business Days involved 650 young men and women.

Mr. Antonios Kerastaris, Group CEO, Intralot, at the closing panel.

Intralot Business Day will take place on April 29 at Intralot’s Innovation Center in Peania offering the participants with a unique experience of interacting with members of the company and receiving knowledge of the actual operating conditions of a multinational company.  We are looking forward to it!

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