INTRALOT: Engaging through Mobile Lottery

* Article at the European Lotteries Magazine, April 2014

With the startling increase of smartphones and tablets, mobile technology is now omnipresent and universal. The mobile device has become a very convenient tool to handle emails or allowing users to surf to the Web or interact with their friends in the social media. Mobile is like a highly skilled P.A. that discovers the most effective business trip itineraries, finds data on business deals, takes care of shopping or appointments on the go, and the relevant list of services keeps growing as more apps are being added.

Mobile apps further positively affect the way people interact, conduct business, organize daily tasks or play and have fun. Business retailers have also realized this global trend, as have started increasingly exploiting the new mobile app market: mobile devices are always on and connected to the retailers’ apps, enabling consumers to shop anytime, anywhere.

Statistics show that mobile web will overtake the desktop in less than five years. Global mobile GGR in gaming is estimated to surpass €10bn in 2015. In three years, global mobile business will account for more than 40 per cent of the total online gaming business. This evidences that the Lottery industry, being constantly in search of the future lottery, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the mobile era, which in turn will allow lotteries to expand to new demographics, provide exciting entertainment opportunities to their players and at the same time increased contributions to good causes’ beneficiaries.

At INTRALOT Interactive, having as our proven ‘compass’ the industry fundamentals, we have invested considerably in intellectual capital and allocated significant efforts in the process of designing new interaction patterns between the users of mobile devices, namely phones, tablets as well as our self-service tablet-type terminals, and the content distributed through application stores or directly through emerging HTML5 mobile sites. We strongly believe that mobile represents a fundamental shift in the way business is conducted, which represents a unique opportunity for the lottery industry to redefine the way its traditional business is performed. Enhanced gaming experience and expansion to new demographics, both for online and retail business are key pillars of lotteries’ strategic directives for the years to come.

Lotteries’ traditional ‘transactional approach’ is replaced with an ‘exciting experience approach’, as the user experience is now the winning factor for excellence. Buying a lottery ticket is no longer a single transaction point defined as selecting a set of numbers, and buying for the right to participate in the upcoming draws. It is foremost a joyful game where the choices of the player’s selection have a direct significance with their life. The method of interaction is multidimensional and the consumer has multiple options to engage with the organization that combine in-shop experience within a widely dispersed retail network, but also through mobile devices either on the go or at home. The experience design needs to take into account the relevant conditions of the consumer when interacting with the organization and personalize the content. The channel becomes important but always in an Omni-Channel framework that respects the consumer as well as the state of things at the time of his/her interaction.

Mobile is an ideal distribution channel for online and offline businesses. At INTRALOT Interactive we experience mobile phones as multifunctional devices that allow players to browse on the go, sign in to their wallets and play on the spot all kind of games a lottery offers (including draw games, betting games, instant tickets, raffles and casino games), as well as locate a near-by store or check a ticket, all through the same app. Alternatively, a player may complete his/her wager transaction via QR code by scanning it in a retail shop, which makes our mobile lottery app compliant to any legislative requirement.

The lottery industry is an exciting segment of the gaming industry that holds great potential to catch the wave of new developments that will shape its future. INTRALOT Interactive’s latest Mobile Lottery product line, an innovative, independent end-to-end solution for making the lottery experience native on mobile devices of all operating systems, sizes and capabilities, aims to best answers to the pressing questions of defining the future lottery and its roadmap.

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