Mobile is a game changer


It is now widely accepted that society and global economy are in the midst of a communication revolution; the new era that is dominated by mobile. From the advent of human language thousands of years ago, to the evolution of the stylus and written communication, to the invention of the printing press and the personal computer, there have been a number of moments in history that have changed the way we entertain ourselves, share ideas and ultimately, live our lives. The enthusiasm for mobile satisfies the fundamental human need of “being always connected” and stems in part from its ability to liberate people by provoking an instinct for exploration and a desire for novelty.

Gaming is itself perfectly positioned to take advantage of this new era, and provide exciting new opportunities for entertainment. Statistics of usage and downloads of gaming applications as well as market data revealing the increasing contribution of the mobile-generated revenue vs. revenue from more traditional forms of gaming,  give further evidence for a rising new industry.

At INTRALOT Interactive we are developing the next generation of Mobile Gaming based on the primary ingredients that define the New User Experience, in particular the Convenience, Relevance and Excitement pillars. Our strategy and product roadmaps center around developments at the very nature of the Game Mechanics, but also at the level of the Games Ecosystem Platform that aggregates and integrates the gaming content together with novel player features that extend the experience to include social characteristics, optimized payment processes, embedded registration processes, and a unique Loyalty & Reward program configurable to individual player’s profile.

By George Zenzefilis, General Director of INTRALOT Interactive

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