G. Zenzefilis, General Director of Intralot Interactive, at ICE 2013

Mr. George Zenzefilis, General Director of INTRALOT Interactive, talked to Paul Jason of Public Gaming Research Institute (www.pgritalks.com) at INTRALOT Interactive booth during ICE 2013, London, February 5th.

Main focus of the interview was the latest trends in the gaming industry and how operators should adapt to the new consumers’ habits. Here are some highlights.

“The introduction of digital technology to the gaming industry transforms the player base from an anonymous crowd to a well known quantity. From the moment a player registers we can monitor his habits and preferences, therefore gathering data become a very important part of our business. That’s where gaming technology needs to invest in order to extract valuable information out of a vast amount of data.”

“Gaming industry is an entertainment industry; it is crucial for us to have a good understanding of players’ behaviors and come up with solutions and practices that embrace this philosophy. The first step should always be to come up with an interactive gaming plan which centers on the player.”

“The good news is that we know a lot about the players but the bad news is that there is only so much flexibility around the players. This creates an added pressure to the operator to provide its customers with a meaningful and dynamic experience in order to keep them happy and loyal.”

“There’s always innovation in gaming. Now with the advent of mobile technology we will see even more forms of gaming that will undoubtedly influence traditional, land-based channels. Even if you can provide your players with a multitude of games you have to also provide an ecosphere that connects them all together. We are about to experience the new retail, the retail 2.0.”

“Consumers nowadays are rightfully very demanding. They expect nothing less but quality and deeply satisfying experiences from operators. When entering a retail shop they will take a short amount of time to decide whether they will stay or go. Our primary goal and our biggest investments should direct towards meaningful ways to best take advantage of this small time window in order to engage and optimize our relationship with the player.”

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