George Zenzefilis, General Director of Intralot Interactive talks about Social Gaming

We recently had the chance to meet George Zenzefilis, General Director at Intralot Interactive, and make an interesting discussion on the impact of social gaming to the more traditional formats of gaming, such as the Lottery Industry.

Social gaming is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger audiences. This bears new opportunities and new challenges for synergies that might shape the future of the lottery industry.

To understand the potential impact and the rise of new gaming behaviours, we need to analyze those factors that make social gaming a success.

Certainly the very elements of gaming mechanics define the game play and the mathematics of the game. Players appreciate the game logic and participate depending on the game appeal, the winnings expected, the frequency of play, and various other defining features that make the difference among games.

However, there are elements which are directly related to the Social Aspects of a game, and one can use “Social Engine” as a term to depict those features that enhance the Social Experience which comes along side the game play.These relate among others to friends networks and sharing with them the progression of the game, and expent to prizes, achievements, leaderboards and other constructs that create dynamics, time progression and certainly enthusiasm.

We are in the beginning of an era that will give birth to converging models of gaming that will combine the Social Engines with traditional Lottery Style and money related gaming. It is an exciting time, that will generate a new gaming landscape.

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