Intralot unveiled the “Lottery of the Future” at the EL Industry Days 2012

Almost 250 delegates from lotteries all over Europe met at the picturesque Amsterdam during the first week of May on the occasion of the EL Industry Days 2012. Sharing of knowledge, Networking and Entertainment were perfectly combined at this unique event, where European Lotteries discussed how they should adapt to the new technological innovations and consumer needs so as to move “Towards an Entertaining and Sustainable Future”.

The European Lotteries & Toto Association in conjunction with the two Dutch Lotteries, De Lotto and Nederlandse Staatsloterij, with the support of Intralot and its other Premium Partners prepared a challenging and stimulating program which encouraged lottery experts and key decision makers to share their wide experience and unveil the future of the lotteries at their own perspective.

During the EL Industry Days Intralot had the opportunity to be represented at the substantive and insightful discussion of the Premium Partners panel “How we can add value”, where senior speakers shared their experiences and views on the current developments of the lottery sector, the future trends, as well as the opportunities and potential that grows at the gaming landscape.

Constantinos Antonopoulos, CEO of Intralot Group, emphasized on how gaming industry should closely monitor all the new Technologies & Business Models that are available in adjacent industries including Social gaming models, Retail Technologies and Networks, Mobile and Media Industry, in order to stay competitive in a continuously changing industry. He also underlined the urge of lotteries to attract new demographics by designing new gaming offerings that address players’ new habits and needs. At the same time, he pointed out the necessity for lotteries to strengthen their retail network with rich media content and an expanded portfolio of solutions in “coo-petition” (cooperation and not competition) with the New Media.

Intralot also initiated an interesting panel themed “Universal Gaming Experience: Shaping the lottery of the future”. Peter Economides, an international Brand Strategist responsible for the global management and roll out of the milestone ‘Think Different’ Apple campaign and key lottery industry executives, Theo Gossner, Managing Director – Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co. and Arjan Van‘t Veer, Director Corporate Affairs, Nederlandse Staatsloterij, shared their views about the opportunities that emerge from the new consumer trends, daily habits, demographics and modes of interaction.

Peter Economides, with a lively presentation argued on the importance of branding and analyzed how lotteries can build strong and popular brands. A brand is nothing more than a set of impressions that lives in consumers’ minds, while a powerful brand is a set of powerful, consistent and believable impressions. Peter underlined that brands that dominate their category are brands that express the essence of the category. And they do so with vision, clarity and most of all, consistency. They connect brand DNA with consumer insight and expectation. It’s to be lived and breathed daily by everyone who communicates. Branding after all is a communication. He emphasized on the importance of communication stating that “everything you do and don’t do and everything you say and don’t say, everything communicates”. The brand conversation has nowadays moved to the one on one interactive environment on social media. Peter claimed that social media is not about media and the conversation in not a commercial. It’s about a fundamental shift in the way that consumers think, feel and behave. He concluded stating that the brand must constantly evolve and be customer-oriented.

This presentation launched an animated discussion from the lottery side. Building a gaming community where players can spend time and play safely is becoming more and more a necessity. Lotteries have to address the challenges of social media and all participants agreed that the interactive opportunity is here for the taking.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of our panelists, who honored us with their participation, and of course to our moderator George Zenzefilis, General Director of Intralot Interactive, who greatly contributed to the successful outcome of the panel.


During EL Industry Days, Intralot proudly introduced the next big step towards a paperless lottery, the “Tap’n’Play”! “Tap’n’Play” is a unique solution that incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing the use of any surface as a portal to an interactive gaming experience and enabling players to take part in interactive lottery games through a single touch from their smartphone or tablet devices. It is a prime example of what the Universal Gaming Experience means to us at INTRALOT. Lottery games and entertainment convergence are realized within a gaming community that connects players, games, mobile devices and brick ‘n’ mortar retail in a natural and seamless way.


EL Industry Days were a big success with all participants having a great time!

See you all at the next big lottery industry event!

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