Konstantinos Farris of Intralot on “Public Gaming” magazine: How is cloud computing transforming the gaming & lottery industry?

Konstantinos Farris, General Technical Director of Systems at Intralot, gave a very interesting interview to “Public Gaming” magazine, articulating how technology is driven by consumer trends, but also how technology is driving some of those trends, and why the gaming and lottery industry needs to catch up with the technologically advanced consumer.

Central theme of his interview is the implementation of the cloud computing technology in gaming services, unfolding how NEFOS Intralot Cloud service can drive forward the lottery business as a whole and offer a better experience to a technologically advanced consumer.

Some highlights follow:

  • Technology is becoming embedded in the consumer experience and this has a profound impact on the operator side of the gaming and lottery industry. The consumer expects instant access to the very newest content and most intelligent delivery systems. And since there will always be someone up to speed and ready to give it to them, it means that all of us have to be up to speed and ready to give it to them if we want to keep our customers.
  • This is where NEFOS Intralot Cloud comes in. NEFOS is a robust cloud solution that provides the operator with the scalability, flexibility and resource optimization it needs to effectively meet demanding business goals, along with improved time-to-market efficiency and reduced costs. As a service it powers the operator’s business by delivering computing resources, gaming content and gaming solutions that in turn enable the operator to deliver the newest and best games and gaming solutions over the smartest and fastest delivery channels to its players.
  • In today’s demanding gaming market where innovation, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness are paramount, the potential of ‘games as a service’ over cloud technology is great since it empowers operators to respond more efficiently and effectively to changing market needs across all channels, like land-based, online and mobile.

Did you find this interesting? Please read the full interview here and share your thoughts with us


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