What will happen, if we start thinking of the gaming experience as a whole?

Intralot presents the ‘Universal* Gaming Experience’

*“Universe” = All matter and energy, including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.

Imagine that you relax in the comfort of your living room watching your favorite sports channel on your iTV. As the match is live you wish to interact, you wish to bet on it. Guess what; you can do so without even have to leave your couch. A moment later a friend calls. You should be meeting each other downtown in half an hour so you go out and grab the underground. While on the go your gaming experience is not over, it is not even interrrupted. You can now keep an eye on what’s going on, stay updated and keep playing from your mobile phone… Imagine a gaming world, where there are no limits and boundaries and players can live the same gaming experience, through any channel they wish with the same convenience.

That world is a reality. And we call it Universal Gaming Experience .Through the vast experience gained by working with the most successful lotteries around the world, we at Intralot always offer technological solutions that meet and go beyond our clients’ needs and expectations. Having always the customer in the center of our philosophy we strive to bring only the best technological solutions in the new era of gaming. The Universal Gaming Experience is the new decisive step towards the future of our industry and we are ready to offer to our customers the opportunity to “live” in it.

Intralot is strategically positioned to develop and deploy the Universal Gaming Experience, where all customer interaction points are managed in a single and transparent manner, irrespective of the engagement model, retail POS, Mobile, Internet, iTV, or his/her preferences of game play. Universal Gaming unifies all elements that are generated throughout the customer gaming lifecycle, analyzes preferences and proactively proposes the necessary actions to optimize revenues by respecting responsible gaming principles.

We believe in cross-platform mobility and unification from a player perspective, and therefore we have developed our technologies to be truly seamless to the player, offering shared login and authentication, shared wallet and a seamless depositing system across the platforms. All of these allow the players to make use of their deposited funds and play whenever and wherever they are. Contrary to usual beliefs that a single wallet suffices, our Customer Platform goes beyond and embeds advanced online segmentations and user profiling that allow our partners to understand their players and act in real time. This includes also the Internet, Mobile, iTV as well as the VLT solution, to allow the player identity to be used across these platforms and provide seamless business continuity.

Lotteries within the current rapidly changing environment, where new Media play a pivotal role, need to position themselves, by preserving and enhancing their leading role. To be competitive in this new environment, it is necessary for them to adopt a strategy that will enable them to quickly react to market changes by appropriately adapting their technological infrastructure to seamlessly integrate new and exciting content and channels, and above all understand the behavior and preferences of their Customers and act proactively anticipating their desires. Universal Gaming Experience allows them to address this need and really embrace and engage their customers.

You may find more information about Universal Gaming Experience at our site.

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