Big opportunities on the small screen!

Lottery industry has seen tremendous changes taking place during the last couple of decades. Technology accessibility has led to more demanding players: they ask for even more exciting gaming experiences, but also simplicity, convenience and interaction, while playing through multiple platforms and networks. Lotteries -in their attempt to retain current players and attract new ones, especially among younger demographics- must continuously adjust to the new environment and adopt strategies to drive revenue growth.

Intralot LOTTERY TV, an integrated gaming solution, centered on multimedia gaming content and encompassing Intralot leading-edge technological solutions, is opening up a new world of potential opportunities to Lotteries: it provides access to rich game content that can be constantly renewed; it allows to communicate selected messages to players while entertaining them with games, sports events and broadcasts; most importantly, it empowers the lottery to deploy and fully exploit all media available in an integrated manner. Intralot has commercially introduced LOTTERY TV to enhance player experience with new, media-enriched games, to bring gaming and entertainment together and to allow Lotteries to connect in new, deeper ways with current and prospective players.

Intralot Lottery TV has already been launched in Europe and is soon getting launched in Latin America and Asia. In the first market it has been launched, LOTTERY TV transformed retail stores into a social gaming environment venue.

The big impact of Intralot LOTTERY TV on enhanced customer experience has been shown by research among current and prospective players who gave more favorable scores to the games supported by it (50%+ in terms of likeability, uniqueness, intention to play). Indeed, Intralot LOTTERY TV supports very appealing games of high quality content, leading to enhanced experiences and player entertainment. With Intralot LOTTERY TV, players can participate, via retailer or self-service terminals, in multiple games with appealing multimedia content displayed in multiple TV/monitors that attract attention and urge player participation. Provided it is allowed by a specific jurisdiction, players can view gaming content and participate in the games also on-line.

Intralot LOTTERY TV is a unique product offer in the industry today, demonstrating Intralot’ s role as a leading Lottery/Gaming operator and provider and enriching Lottery portfolio. It shapes and defines communication messaging and livens up the retail environment. Thanks to its numerous benefits, Intralot LOTTERY TV will soon become a necessary element of every modern Lottery.

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